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$600,000 RAISED SO FAR!

PASH Kicks Off

"Home On The Ridge" 

Fundraising Campaign 


PASH has recently begun efforts to raise $1,000,000 to expand and renovate the Animal Shelter at 925 American Way.  The existing building was constructed in 1981, and has had no improvements in the last 41 years.  It is woefully inadequate to shelter even its current maximum capacity of 8 cats and 19 dogs.

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​Who PASH serves....


PASH stands for "Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers." We are our own non-profit that works along side the shelter to provide volunteers, supplies, spay and neuter and funding support.  We also serve animals on the ridge by providing access to medical care upon approval and need.

PASH is located in Butte County, California and serves Paradise and Magalia pets.

PASH runs solely on volunteers and does not have a staff overhead or location office.  This means all donations go directly to animals in need.  Our board of directors meets monthly to oversee, approve, and brainstorm how PASH serves the pet community.

Sarah Fund


​ If you are 62 or over, and are adopting an animal that is 8+ years, you may qualify for this fund. PASH will pay for the initial exam. Each trip to the vet is approved on a per-visit basis.   



​If you are unable because of financial circumstances to pay for your pet's medical needs, PASH may to able to defray some of the costs. This is on a per visit basis.  Offered to Magalia and Paradise ridge residents.

Current Projects & Events
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Green Eyed Cat


​PASH can assist in the spaying or neutering of your animal, even if you do not adopt it from the shelter. 

*Do to covid many vet's are over booked and appointments may be made weeks or even months out.  Please call us to inquire about which vets we can work with to get your pet fixed.


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